With our Complete Move Management Service we manage your move from start to finish

We understand moving to Singapore is a complex balance of your business requirements and ensuring that the needs of your employee’s family are handled with empathy and efficiency

Complete Move Management

With our Complete Move Management Service, we oversee the entire move, including the unpack. From liaising with real estate agents and arranging the collection and drop-off of keys, to overseeing the work of the removalists and organising additional supplier services, we cover everything required to ensure a seamless transition for your employee.


If the assignee is unable to attend the move, we will have one of our experienced and knowledgeable move experts coordinate and manage the move, to ensure all aspects run smoothly and efficiently.


Just let us know the particular requirements for the proposed move, and we will create a Move Management Plan tailored to suit your needs.

Customised Moving Solutions

We can assist one employee or an entire company. Our strong working relationships with all major removalists and relocation companies, plus our ability to adapt to a plethora of unpacking variables, allows us to customise an unpacking and corporate moving solution that is relevant to your company's needs. We aim to keep families happy at this highly stressful time.

Globally Recognised

Movinghouse is a globally recognised home corporate unpacking service that specialises in working with companies to assist them in their ever-increasing need to support their international workforce, especially when moving to or within Singapore.

Why Choose Us

Cultural Understanding

It is invaluable for a company to have an in-depth understanding of the culture in which it operates, and consequently our coordinators and team members are well acquainted with the local area, having been residents of Singapore for many years.

Asia Pacific Network

The resources of our Asian network within Singapore and Australia affords us the flexibility of satisfying a variety of challenging corporate unpacking needs.

A Seamless Transition

Movinghouse has the process, the people and the skills to create a seamless transition into Singapore. Saving your employees valuable time, Movinghouse removes the stress of moving as they relocate to Singapore, allowing them to focus their productivity on work, instead of their move.