Premium unpacking service in Singapore and Australia that caters to the individual needs of every client

We can provide either a partial or full service valet unpack depending on your needs

Full Service Valet Unpack

Our professionally trained ladies are caring and understanding, they can unpack and arrange items in a practical way either taking direction or they organise cupboards in the most logical way.

Our Valet Unpacking Service transfers a house full or boxes into an organised home.

Partial Unpack

To have help on the afternoon of your move so you can sleep comfortably that night is often just what is needed to ease the stress on moving day.

The basic kitchen is unpacked so a meal can be made that night the beds are made up and some clothing is unpacked so your first night this can help settle small children and older adults who often become overwhelmed when moving to a new country.

We can tailor a package to suit the budget and personalised requirements.

Changes up to 24 hours

With our 20 years experience in the moving industry, we know that moving plans can change so we allow changes up to 24 hours before your booking.

Minimum time for a booking

2 staff for 4 hours each is the minimum time for a booking — in this time you can expect our ladies to unpack between 30-40 boxes — typically the kitchen and some clothing.

Why Choose Us


Our professional and experienced moving service helps put your mind at rest, letting you focus on your important day to day activities, knowing all the moving details and the unpacking at your new home is in professional hands.


With years of experience and a passion for setting up and organising homes, Movinghouse unpackers can ensure your home is fully functional from day one. You can enjoy a seamless transition into your new enviroment.


You can benefit directly from our unpacking and storage solutions that have been developed over many years.The smallest details of unpacking, arranging and presenting your home can be managed by the Movinghouse team.